I took today to work on some things I've neglected for quite a while: shoulder mobility, scapular stability, and breathing. I noticed a lack of stability overhead yesterday during my carries and presses so I felt like it would be a good time to start addressing that issue. I've also been noticing a lack of synchronicity in my breathing this week and thus am going to try and dial that in and try to turn down some of the elevated sympathetic nervous system tone I've been feeling. 


Serratus Wall Slides w/ Foam Roller


Power Pigeons 2x5 ea @10-15s

Squat to Stands 2x10


Floor Angels on Foam Roller (full inhales on depression/retraction, full exhales on elevation/protraction)


90/90 Breathing (3/5/1 pattern; 3s inhale, hold, 5s exhale, 1s pause)