Today's session was a challenge, but if I've learned anything in this first week, it's that I'm really feeling my recovery well. Between blocks or rounds or individual movements, I've been able to gauge how quickly or slowly I'm recovering. I really liked starting with get-ups yesterday so I started today with 1/2 get-ups in the same format.

Movement Prep

Mini Band Series (lateral/monster walk) x20 ea

Bear Crawl Series (fwd/rev/lateral) x10 ea

Triangle T-spine Rotations w/ unilateral Rocker x8 ea

Cat-Cow x8

Scap Pushups x8

Hip Flow x3 


A.) 1/2 TGUs

5 ea @16kg

3 ea @20kg

1 ea @24kg

2A.) RFESS 3x6 ea (20kg)

1st set: Goblet 

2nd set: Offset front rack (kb over forward leg)

3rd set: Offset hanging (kb beside forward leg)

2B.) Carries 3x 50m (24kg x2) 

1st set: farmer walk

2nd set: 1 farmer, 1 front rack (switch at 25m)

3rd set: hi/low 1 farmer, 1 overhead (switch at 25m)

3A.) Double KB Complex: 3 ea @20kg

Double Swings

Double Cleans

Double Front Squat

Seesaw Press (unilateral press from front rack)

5 rounds


Lower body SMR x60s ea

TRX Overhead Squat x5

TRX Split Stance T-Spine Rotations x10s/10 reps ea