I felt some dysfunction in my hips after the first two training sessions this week so I decided to focus on doing some intentional movement quality work today; kind of a neural reset button and an attempt to get back to neutral. The ascending load/descending repetition protocol I used for my TGUs proved to be a really effective buildup to the tri-set that followed. The tri-set proved to be just intense enough to spike my heart rate not intense enough to inhibit almost full recovery with the 30-40s of rest each round.

Movement Prep

Mini Band Series (lateral/monster walk) x20 ea

Bear Crawl Series (fwd/rev/lat) x10 ea

Quadraped T-Spine Rotations x8 ea

Quadraped Cat-Cow x8

Quadraped Scap Pushups x8

Hip Flow x3 


A.) TGUs

5 ea (16kg)

3 ea (20kg)

1 ea (24kg)

B.) 8 Min EMOM 

With a 20 kg KB every 2 minutes perform:

5 Tempo Goblet Squats @3311

5 Snatches each side

30s Kneeling Plank


Lower Body SMR x60s ea

T-Spine Extensions on the foam roller x8