Happy Patriots' Day Everyone! 

Today's session was a bit of a work capacity grinder so it took a little longer than I wanted it to take. Hopefully, in the next 4 weeks I can cut down on that time. I was pretty sore from yesterday's swings so I took a little extra SMR time before movement prep to work some of the soreness out of my glutes and hamstrings.

Movement Prep

Glute/Ham SMR x30s ea

Mini Band Series (lateral/monster walk) x20 ea

Squat to Stand x10

Bear Crawl (fwd/rev) x15 ea

Cat-Cow x8

Tall-Kneeling Good Mornings x15


A.) Double KB Clean+Front Squat (20kg)


2A.) KB Goblet Clock Lunges (24kg)

3x5 ea (fwd/lat/rev/rev/lat/fwd; right then left)

2B.) 3 Pt KB Row (24kg)

3x10 ea

3A.) KB Floor Press (24kg)

2x10 ea

3B.) KB Windmill (16kg)

2x8 ea


Lower Body SMR

Adductor/Quad/ITB/Glute Med/Glute Max/Ham x30s ea (R/L)