Happy Independence Day everyone! After a long hiatus, the Valhalla WOD blog is back!

Movement Prep

Mini Band Monster Walk x20e (F/R)

Band Snatch x10

OHS x5

TGUs x2e

Block 1

24' EMOM (1 Set Every 2 Mins)

Hang Power Snatch/Hang Squat Snatch/Squat Snatch

Working up to 85%

Set 1: 2x75 (HPS)

Set 2: 2x95 (HPS)

Set 3: 2x105 (HPS)

Set 4: 2x115 (HPS)

Set 5: 2x125 (HSS)

Set 6: 2x135 (HSS)

Set 7: 1x135 (SS)

Set 8: 1x140 (SS)

Set 9: 1x145 (SS)

Set 10: 1x150 (SS)

Set 11: 1x155 (Missed SS)

Set 12: 1x155 (Missed SS)

Block 2

15 Min EMOM (3 Sets)

A. 15 Pull-Ups

B. 30 Push-Ups

C. 45 KB Swings (24kg/20kg)


AIS Band Ham Stretch 1x10e

Lower Body SMR x10e