This one was rough...

Quick Total Body SMR

Dynamic Warm-up

Pull Thrus 2x10

TGUs 2x3

Burpee Pullups 2x10

Goblet Squat 2x5

Pullaparts 2x10

Olympic Work

Hang Snatch 2x3@95/105

3 Position Snatch 2x3@115/125

Squat Snatch 2x3@135/140

10:00 Cap

5:00 Rest (mobility work)

Strength Work

Deadlift/Front Squat Complex @185

15 Deadlifts

10 1/2 TGUs

5 Front Squats

3 rds 

12:00 Cap

5:00 rest (mobility/recovery)


15 Ring Rows

10 KB Snatches @44

5 Ring Dips

800m ruck @60

12:00 AMRAP (only 1 ruck)


Finished with some shoulder and hip mobility work and about 5 minutes of meditation.